(41.) THOMAS E. DEWEY (1902-1971)
“The Prosecution Rests!”
Republican Dewey/John Bricker, 1944 – Dewey/Earl Warren, 1948
Defeated by Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt/Harry Truman, 1944
And by Harry Truman/Alben Barkley, 1948

Thomas Dewey, the Gang-buster, is one of three Also Ran who had been given a chance to run again.

Dewey had a reputation of being the most successful prosecutor of modern times, and his mode of operation was emulated in other communities to clear out racketeering. With such a record, it was understandable that he was chosen by the Republicans to run against the invincible Franklin D. Roosevelt. Though his first onslaught failed, it appeared he could not miss against Harry Truman.

Dewey was governor of New York and he had promised to finish the full four years, but the “plum” of the presidency prompted him to set in motion a mathematical, scientific machine to cinch his nomination. This is said to have lost him more votes than it gained.