(10.) WILLIAM H. CRAWFORD (1772-1834)
Defeated by John Quincy Adams/John Calhoun, 1824

Crawford led the fight for the United States Bank. He was Secretary of War in 1815 and was one of ten members of Congress who believed Jackson should be censored for his raid in Florida in the Seminole War in 1819. Jackson emerged from this campaign as a Demo-Republican.

The rump caucus of Congress was the last to nominate a presidential candidate. Crawford suffered a paralytic stroke which eliminated him from the race.

A letter written by Crawford was made known to William B. Louis and others for the purpose of discrediting Calhoun. This revealed to Jackson that Calhoun was not loyal to him and Jackson penned this message, “Understanding you now, no further communication necessary, May 30, 1830.”

Crawford favored western expansion and this was feared by New England.